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This 2 hour party is designed to bring joy, creativity, and cuddles to your event.

The best part?

There's no mess for you and no sewing required – it’s all about ease and fun! 


Stuffa-Squishie for 6 guests is $265

8" Pal Party for 6 guests is $290

16" Pal Party for 6 guests is $350

Each Create-A-Pal Party includes:




8" or 16" plushy, white t-shirt to customize with fabric markers/pens/paint, filler, wishing heart, adoption certificate, and take home box.


14"x12" Stuffa-Squishie, filler, adoption certificate and a tote to decorate with fabric markers/pens/paint.


For 6 guests

Click image to see options.

Additional guests can be added at an extra cost



Generic table cloths, plates, cutlery, napkins, 6 bottles of water

A theme can be added for an additional $40

See below for ideas



One Large half cheese, half pepperoni pizza


An additional pizza can be added for $20

Colorful Envelopes


Personalized digital party invitations

These can be shared digitally or printed


Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

$2.00 each


8" Pal Kit

$45.49 each


Birthday Shirt

$10.59 each

Recordable heart module_edited.jpg

Recordable Heart Module




$2.00 each


16" Pal Kit

$55.59 each


Outfit for 8" or 16"

$17.69 each

Click image to see options


Extra Activity


Stuff Squishie-2.png

Extra Guest

$35.52 each


Aroma Bearapy Insert

$9.68 each

Click image to see options



Want to throw an extra special party?  We can transform our party room into an amazing experience by adding a theme, with full decorations for only $40!

Check out some of the popular themes:


  • Only the birthday child's parents are permitted to stay in the party rooms, unless the children need assistance. We can discuss your guests needs at the time of your booking.
  • Cake/snacks are not included. Parents are welcomed to bring extra food and a cake/cupcakes. We have a full sized fridge with freezer at your disposal.
  • There's "Grooming Station" for pretend play during the party.
  • We'll take our pals to a Disco Dance Party before eating and gift opening.
  • Please ensure you allow yourself enough time to pack up, within your time slot. An extra fee of $15 will be added for every 15 minutes past your allotted time, which will be payable at the end of the party with the balance owing.
  • 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of  booking. In the event of postponement of the party by the client, the deposit paid may be applied to a new party date, within one year from cancellation date.
  • Prices subject to applicable taxes.
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