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At the close of the fundraiser, we will donate 20% of the total, before taxes, back to your organization.

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Partner with our Studio for a

Paint Your Own Ceramic




Paint your own ceramic logo.png
  • No artistic talent needed!

  • Pick a date and have participants sign up using a registration link we'll provide to you.

  • Participants choose their ceramic piece when they register.

  • We don't cover the cost of broken ceramics, even if it's an accident. The participant will need to purchase a new one, with the stock that's available.

  • Aprons are provided.

  • Since we use specialty paints that don't require a kiln, everyone takes home their pieces right away.

Create-a-Pal logo-3.png
  • Each kit includes 1 plush, filler, heart insert, white t-shirt, adoption certificate and carry box.

  • You can choose an in-person event or your organization can sell kits.

  • We can offer a theme such as Cats/Dogs, Farm, Zoo, Sea Creature, etc

  • Printable order forms are provided.

  • You can decide the length of your campaign.

  • Once orders are submitted, we will need 3-4 weeks to process and assemble. Arrangements will be made for pick up.

Is your organization or school searching for a different way to raise funds? Then look no further!

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